We’re Back- Sorry For The Hiatus

Sorry for the brief hiatus… Within the last few months our office over here at Oban Hotels has been transitioning… We have been transitioning to very high grade and biophilic designs. Courtesy of Contessa over at home depot accounts, she has set us up with indoor wildlife, plants and we have essentially completely redesigned the […]


Hayes-Valley-Farm_by_Zoey-Kroll_fava-hillsideSo I have decided that I want to split up the areas of the house to the guest side, and the living side. The only part that is connected is the back exterior of the house, which im about to explain to you about. The front exterior is a rocky layer, that descends downward to the rock wall. The walls are completely made of Texas rock, and the mulch beds are very creative. The front yard is all decor and natural landscaping. Where I go to relax, and begin to really feel like a VIP, is when I head into the backyard.

I will begin at the back patio, where you come up the stair from our courtyard. Immediately on the left, is the outdoor kitchen, with the large pizza oven and grill. It swirls around and connects to the chimney below in the main dining room. The patio is surrounded by beautiful bushes and leads right to the pool. The pool has a nice covering and waterfall. It is a unique shape, and its in-ground. If you sneak around the poolside, you can walk along the pathway to up to the hot tub on the lookout point, where it meets the gym, that we mentioned in our previous post.

Underground House 2

I was on a visit back to my home town of Providence and met up with mom and dad. They asked about the direction I was going with my house and said that they were left in suspense from the last Underground house post. I told them I would finish it, and I was going to do so soon. Needless to say, when mom wants something done, she makes me get it done. So a week and a half earlier than I wanted, here is the rest of our underground house for you:

Taking off where we left it, the feast room is beautiful. If you want to continue from here and get out to the back yard, the quickest way is to walk out through the arch, up the 8 stairs on the left, and up to the courtyard. Then you can finish by heading up the stairs on the right to the patio. But in order to finish the interior tour, we will head back out into the main foyer. Beside the meeting room, is a staircase upwards. If we go up these stairs, we get to the loft. The loft has books, some storage, and will let you look down upon the family room. You can now go 2 ways from the loft. If we continue upward through the small (2 star) staircase, we get to the media section of our family house.

Underground Mansion Part 1

Most of you who know me, know that I have been doing well monetarily the last few years. I have had a grand plan in the works, to build myself an underground mansion. I will post a photo soon of the floor-plan and unique design here soon as well. But my point of this post […]

Manta Resort

Ever search on Airbnb, and see an awesome looking place to stay, but you look at the price tag, and it’s way above what you wanted for your accommodation. Dont worry, we have to. Well, there’s one hotel that was exactly this- many of you may have seen the video of this Airbnb as it’s […]

Ice Hotel!

This is a great post about some of the best hotels that we have here on earth. We will highlight a few in this post. We have secret hotel auditors that venture all over the US to find these hidden gems and stay at them. They come back to us and discuss what they thought […]